Coleman Multi Fuel Stove

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Brad op ongelode benzine, Coleman Fuel en wasbenzine. Op de bijgeleverde generator brandt hij ook op kerosine, petroleum en paraffine

A compact and rugged stove that operates off unleaded petrol, Coleman fuel and additionally features a second generator for operating off paraffin or kerosene, a great companion for use across the globe as you will always have access to fuel. This high powered single burner stove is fully adjustable, quickly boiling water so that you can have a hot drink at the ready in minutes and it is ideal for lower temperatures as these efficient burning fuels operate at sub-zero conditions. Stabilising feet help to balance the stove on more uneven terrain.

  • Operates off Coleman® Liquid Fuel or paraffin/kerosene
  • Power: 2 200 W
  • Run time: Up to 7 h
  • Size: 15 x 13 cm Ø
  • Boil time: 3 min. 55 sec.
  • Weight: 660 g
  • Multifuel Stove Features:
  • Includes a second generator to enable the stove to operate from kerosene and paraffin.
  • Levelling ring adjusts legs to keep pots level on uneven surfaces
  • The stove features and integrated windshield in the pan supports.
  • Burner bowl and the integrated windshields in the pan supports protect flame in windy conditions
  • Precision flame control and the control knob is easy to use even if wearing gloves.
  • After one minute of operation, Coleman unleaded appliances will not flare if knocked over.
  • The filler cap is attached to the stove via a lanyard to prevent cap loss.
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